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Operational Planning Workshop for 2013
Operational Planning Workshop for 2013
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Capacity Building Trust Fund
Project: Support to Key accountability Institutions in South Sudan
The Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued to the potential providers in September 2012. Subsequently the tenders were received and an evaluation of the proposals was conducted including representatives of the Audit Chamber.
From the six firms invited to bid the tender was awarded to Agrer S.A. of Belgium in consortium with Analysis for Economic Decisions (ADE).
Component 2, the Support to the National Audit Chamber component, covers these activites for the NAC:
  • Management advice to the NAC
  • Improving audit capacity
  • Conducting audit reports
  • Manuals
  • Equipment and software.
Project donors
MDTF-SS/World Bank
Core Fiduciary Systems Support Project - Auding Component
Project: Consultancy Services to National Audit Chamber by the External Audit Agent (EAA)
Accountants &
business advisors
The Multi-Donor Trust Fund South Sudan (MDTF-SS) project provides auditing, institutional development and capacity building support to the NAC.
See MTDF-SS Core Fiduciary Systems Support Project
Major advances have been made in auditing government financial statements:
  • FY 2007 and FY 2008 have been presented to the President and tabled before the National assembly
  • Audit of FY 2009 is complete, management letters issued, and the report awaits printing
  • Audit of FY 2010 is underway.
The recent achievements include:
  • formulation and launch of a NAC Strategic Development plan see
  • recruitment of 70 new recruits
  • preparation of an Audit Bill (currently awaiting ratification)
  • Negotiation of improved recurrent and development budget for NAC
  • Preparation of Audit Manual and training
  • Preparation of Code of ethics and Code of Conduct, and staff training
  • Establishment of Training Department and HR Department
  • Investment in supporting infrastructure
  • Programme of English language training
  • Roll-out of NAC audits to state governments
  • Preparation of NAC accounting statements and independent audit
  • Acceptance of NAC into INTOSAI and AFROSAI-E.
The current contract has been extended until 31st March 2013.