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NAC Strategic Development Plan 2019-2024

Strategic Development plan 2019-2024
21st June 2019
The National Audit Chamber of South Sudan (NAC) has launched the Strategic Development Plan for 2019-2024.
The plan is truly result-oriented, where the office has clear plans for how it shall contribute to better public financial management through relevant and high-quality audits. This includes expanding the audit coverage of both Central Government as well as parastatals, the states and local government.
The Auditor General, Ambassador Steven Wöndu, highlighted the concerted effort made in the development and design of the strategic plan. He called for the participation and support of all stakeholders for its successful implementation.
AG launches Plan
Auditor General Steven Wöndu
"Oversight is not a one-man exercise. It is not like the Usain Bolt 100 meters run. This is like a long-relay run.
The first runner is the National Audit Chamber who conducts audits and produce the report.
Then the second runner is the legislature who deliberates and issues recommendations for follow-up.
Then the third runner is the Executive, who improves its systems and performance based on the recommendations.
This is a collective effort to build."
plan launch 2019
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  NAC Strategic Development Plan 2019-2024
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