Republic of
South Sudan


NAC launches web-site

31st January 2013
National Audit Chamber of South Sudan web-site has launched
AG at the web-site launch
The Auditor General speaking
at the web-site launch
Invited guests at the launch
The AG and visiting guest the
Deputy Auditor General of Tanzania
DAG opening the launch
NAC Deputy Auditor General, Mr Tombe,
opening the event
Web-site presentation
Presentation of the web-site
and corporate IT plans
The officaial web-site launch
The website of the National Audit Chamber (NAC) of South Sudan was officially launched on Thursday, 31st January 2013. The Deputy Auditor General of South Sudan, Mr. Tombe, introduced the proceedings attended by around 100 NAC staff and guests.
Auditor General Steven K Wondu asked a visiting guest, the Deputy Auditor General of Tanzania, Mr. Edwin M. Rweyemamu, to conduct the official launch. Other guests included represenatives of the MDTF-SS, Lars Oscar (Joint Donor Team) and Megan Carroll (UNDP) were present for the launch.
The website is part of the introduction and development of Corporate IT to support the work and operations of the NAC. A corporate e-mail system was launched along with the web-site.
Participants at the launch
NAC staff at the presentations and web-site launch
The introduction of the NAC web-site contributes to some of the goals identified in the NAC Stategic Development Plan 2011-2015:
Goal 1: Institution Building
  • To Develop NAC's Infrastructure
  • To Promote Transparency & Accountability in Governance
  • To Establish mutually beneficial working relationships
Goal 2: Capacity Building
  • To Develop an IT Strategy
Goal 4: Transparency & Accountability for good Governance
  • To Publish timely qualitative Audit Reports
  • To Publish audit results and PAC oversight in the media and engage with civil society
  • To Establish a tradition for Transparency & Accountability in South Sudan
The web-site will carry news, information, job vacancies and audit reports issued by the NAC.
The web-site will be developed and additional content will be added during the following weeks.
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