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Strategic Development Plan 2011-2015

9th December 2011
The South Sudan National Audit Chamber (NAC) of South Sudan launched a Strategic Development Plan for 2011-2015 at the Quality Hotel, Juba.
Ambassador Steven Wondu, the Auditor General, in his opening remarks said the plan is the auditors' interpretation of the provisions of the transitional constitution of the republic plan from the provision of the constitution and defined its roles as an integral part of the government.
Steven Wondu further said that it is an attempt to extract operational plan from the provisions of the constitution and South Sudan's National Audit Chamber. "The plan is trying to create strong institution and how to deal with them with the responsibility of building institutional capacity," he said. He however said that the chamber had a big mandate of dealing with thirty one ministries, three universities, numerous commissions, three banks and the ten states among other government institutions. Participants at the launching were National Audit Chamber's staff, government officials, parliamentarians and their partners of the World Bank.
According to him, the National Audit Chamber historically had never been in the independent Republic of South Sudan and they are beginning from scratch.
"We are beginning something new we had not known of before," Wondu explained adding that from the time of establishment the chamber was staffed just by a committee of five members.
He said that the Strategic Development Plan is the translation of their mandates given in the transitional constitution.
"We are trying to translate the constitution into working programmes that have manual guides," he paraphrased.
The Auditor General said they are a professional institution that is part of a larger auditing chamber which are governed by global professionalism.
Nevertheless, he reiterated that their sole responsibilities in the chamber are to make sure resources are appropriately utilised in professional manner.
"Public audit is also governed, not only by national statutes but also by international professional standard rules and procedures," remarked the Auditor General.

Overview of the Strategic Development Plan 2011-2015

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  NAC Strategic Development Plan 2011-2015
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