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The Audit Chamber was established according to the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan Section 195. The Audit Chamber Provisional order was signed into law by the President on January 17, 2011. It will soon be enacted by parliament and be disseminated to various Government Institutions and other interested parties.
The mandate of the Audit Chamber is to audit and supervise Government institutions and agencies including ministries, commissions, legislative assemblies, Bank of South Sudan and the universities. The mandate covers all of South Sudan both at national government, state, and county level.
The Chamber is currently focussing on three main priorities. The first is institutional capacity building which has seen professional staff doubled from 15 to over 30 in the second half of 2010. This number is expected to reach 130 by the year 2013. Since most of the young staff have been trained in Arabic, extensive training in English is ongoing. The Chamber also intends to tap into the diaspora for experts.
Auditor General - Mrs Lara Taylor-Pearce The second area is physical space. The Chamber has already secured allocated $2.9m by the Government. The World Bank will match this amount to construct an office at the Ministries complex.
The third area is the budget which rose last year from the budgeted SDG4.5m to SDG 15m in the supplementary budget of 2010. The organisation structure of the Chamber is currently being formulated.
The South Sudan Audit Chamber performs the following functions and duties:
  1. Audit (performance and financial) of Government of South Sudan (GOSS) and States financial statements and reports
  2. Supervision, auditing and reporting in Government of South Sudan levels of government.
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