Republic of
South Sudan


Core Values of the Audit Chamber

Auditor General
Ambassador Steven K. Wondu
Auditor General
The independence, powers and responsibilities of a public sector auditor place significant ethical demands upon the NAC and the staff it employs or otherwise engages.
Core values are beliefs which officers of NAC should hold in common and endeavour to put into practice. The values guide the officials in performing the work, and fulfilling and acheiving the Vision and Mission included in the Strategic Development Plan 2011-2015 (link). They are the guiding beacons for all that is done. They act as benchmarks for assessing performance.
Some of the core values that guide the National Audit Chamber are:


The NAC has to uphold organisational and functional independence from the Executive and Legislative branches of Government and receive sufficient budgetary funding to enable effective and independent functioning of the NAC.


The Auditor General and the staff of the NAC must provide objective and unbiased audit reports and findings, and ensure that all conclusions and opinions are based solely on evidence gathered and assembled in accordance with INTOSAI auditing standards, thereby ensuring reliability and impartiality.


The professional personnel of the NAC must possess knowledge, experience, expertise and authority in expressing reliable and correct audit opinions, conclusions and recommendations, which are in agreement with generally accepted INTOSAI auditing standards, policies, procedures and practices.


To meet professional responsibilities, auditors must continuously track new developments in auditing methodologies, applying modern audit techniques and practices, and constantly seeking to improve knowledge, skills and capabilities.

Transparency amd Credibility

NAC’s audit findings need to be persuasive and accepted as such by auditee management, third parties, the Assembly, other stakeholder institutions and the general public. To this end, audit findings have to be reliable, as accurate as possible and communicated to the management of client institutions.

Valuing Individuals

NAC professionals need to be valued and respected if they are to perform competently and a fair and flexible system must be applied to help each one reach his or her potential.


NAC auditors are required to carry out their duties with absolute honesty, veracity and professional competency. They must avoid all association with mischievous, false, unprofessional or misleading activities. Most importantly, Auditors must stay beyond suspicion of compromise and conflict of interest.


NAC Auditors shall maintain complete confidentiality in all issues pertaining to matters of the Chamber and information acquired as a result thereof unless otherwise specified by legal or professional authorities and to refrain from using such confidential information for personal advantage or advantage of others.


It is the responsibility of all members of the NAC family to create the right environment and team spirit to facilitate efficient auditing and management of NAC and the achievement of NAC goals.